Surround yourself with positive vibe

Different people with their personalities contribute to how well they influence their environment. Whether or not you like it, they all have something to offer, positive or negative. Have you ever wondered about the energy around you and how well they contributed to yours? Maybe you haven't taken the time to consider how well things... Continue Reading →

The need of the lovely

When was the last time you checked upon others? Or are you always waiting for someone to check up on you? The lovely should be loved, and if this circle continues, undoubtedly, everyone will feel loved. Are two good hands better than one? The agreeing hand, I think. They were two good friends, always admired... Continue Reading →

The too busy syndrome

Writing today's blog post opened my mind to realize a lot. How often do you feel too busy to attend to certain things? It all appears that the "too busy ones" are the most responsible and honourable of the human race. You hardly can see them as they are involved with a lot in their... Continue Reading →

January’s plea

When Last did you say a happy new month? Over 30 days? Probably last year December when you greeted a friend. I felt January expressing her thoughts to me and how she felt about humans. Here's her story which led to her plea: It all started on the first day of every month, times families... Continue Reading →

Familiarity breeds contempt

It has been a long time in this space, and I'm sincerely sorry for the long silence and break. I appreciate your love and concerns as regards reaching out to me concerning Thank you so much 🤭. The journey continues, let's go... So, I begin with the words of Jesus; Matthew 13:57 TPT“There’s only... Continue Reading →

Life lessons we sometimes ignore

Hello beautiful people! Today's post is part of the Bible which got me in a different way which I would love to share with you. Sincerely it hits differently! I hope you got the message! Have a great weekend and a blessed one. Thanks 🤭

I shouldn’t have kept quiet 🤫

The things we all go through every moment of our lives differ from one level to another. You never can tell what moments different people are facing, and the swings of emotions occurring within them. In all of these, you really are instrumental in causing tremendous changes wherever you find yourself. It's an opportunity that... Continue Reading →

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