The need of the lovely

When was the last time you checked upon others? Or are you always waiting for someone to check up on you? The lovely should be loved, and if this circle continues, undoubtedly, everyone will feel loved.

Are two good hands better than one? The agreeing hand, I think.

They were two good friends, always admired by many. Although they were of different personalities and temperaments, they just had a way of blending and seeing things in common. They also had their disagreements nevertheless, they were good friends.

Tola always checked up on Dami, and it all went well. As they grew together, it appeared as though one was disturbing by showing care. It was Tola. She appeared as the disturbing one, whereas it was only in her thoughts. Dami loved how Tola always checked up on her, but Tola saw it as if she was being pushy. It wasn’t her fault since her best friend (the introverted one) never reciprocated care in return.

Communication seized, and their friendship began to stretch far apart till it was like they were no friends before?

Whose fault was it?

Hey! The lovely also needs to be loved. The helper to be helped, the one who remembers, to be remembered, and the giver, to be given. It shouldn’t be one-sided.

Come on! Grow and stop hiding under the shadows of personalities. Do you think you are the only one worth the care? Others also deserves to be treated better. What can you offer in your relatinship with others?

You stress the generosity and love of others when all you do is take, take and take! Give also. Friendships have broken, and bonds destroyed when all that happens is if two good hands do not agree to support each other.

Matthew 7:12 TPT

“In everything you do, be careful to treat others in the same way you’d want them to treat you,[a] for that is the essence of all the teachings of the Law and the Prophets.

You can be better. Act it!

Have a wonderful weekend. Your presence means a lot here. Thanks so much! You are loved!

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  1. This is why I drift apart from friends. I feel like I’m the one always reaching out. It would be nice if someone reached out to me once in a while. I deserve better.

      1. I was just wondering, have you ever spoken to your friends about how you feel as regards their response in checking up on you?

        Sometimes also, it’s just like everyone’s facing one thing or the other.

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