The dialogue – Zoe

Happy Easter season 🎊🎊✨ I pray that we experience the reason for the season and that our lives reflect the life of God which Jesus Christ gave us. Amen. It's been a while since the dialogue series was uploaded on the blog. Today, here's another series that I believe you will enjoy and also learn... Continue Reading →

The dialogue – Random thoughts

Were there times you were burdened when you saw the progress of others? Who knows, yours may just be feelings you develop at such times. Relax! There are things you can learn from them. Here's a short video I made for you. Song title : Overcomer by Mandisa I hope at the end of... Continue Reading →

The dialogue – Words

Here's a short video I made for you. Don't worry, you will love it! Scripture reference:1st Samuel 2:3Song by Lauren Daigle-You Say I hope you have gotten at least one or two messages from the video recently played. I'm trusting that starting from now you will be careful of the words you choose to take... Continue Reading →

The dialogue – Undervalue I hope you got at least a message from the dialogue. Sometimes mockery, ridicule or looking down on others may come in different ways. It might take other forms such as ;writing people off just because of performances in class, mocking a person because of size, shape or whatever. At the end Goliath's Head... Continue Reading →

The dialogue – From worry to Action.

At the end I hope you get the message and give your feedback in the comment box. Don't forget; YOU ARE LOVED Here is a short dialogue between two friends. One of them is inspired by a thought to do something... In the long run a message was passed across.

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