Familiarity breeds contempt

So, I begin with the words of Jesus;

Matthew 13:57 TPT

“There’s only one place a prophet isn’t honored—his own hometown!”

Do you ever wonder why you have a friend, brother, sister, or someone close to you with an extra advantage than you have, yet, you haven’t benefited from such a relationship?

Familiarity is relaxed friendliness or intimacy between people. Mostly, this occurs as a result of knowledge gained about such individuals. Contempt comes in the form of disregard for something or someone. Let’s say “dishonor”

Often, we lose a lot of benefits and help, which could have spared us a lot of stress. A friend of yours is there who could help you, yet by closeness, you have taken it for granted.

Painfully Jesus couldn’t do a lot of miracles in His hometown because of this issue. That you know a lot about people shouldn’t leave you at a disadvantage, rather an upper hand as you cherish and appreciate people and their relationships with you.

Thankfully, we have this wisdom:

Romans 13:7 AMP

Pay to all what is due: tax to whom tax is due, customs to whom customs, respect to whom respect, honor to whom honor.

Having that mindset or thought pattern will help you create a thin line in your relationships with many people.

Don’t know someone that well that all you get is nothing. Remember, that same person offers value elsewhere. What’s your cause?

Another thing is asking and not expecting people to always do certain things for you thinking that they ought to know. You see, it’s humility to ask rather than heap up expectations even from people you are close to.

Your long experience of someone or something can make you so aware of their faults as to be scornful. Help yourself see beyond that, and be rubbed with qualities that will make you stand out. Have a good sight for better things and improve your constant thoughts by renewal daily through God’s words.

There’s more to you than you ever imagined. As a child of God, you also have an advantage of having a wonderful circle. Don’t deny yourself of the gift of men that God has made available for you through familiarity.

Have a wonderful weekend. You are loved 😍

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  1. I like the para “Your long experience of someone ……renewal daily through God’s words.” Beautiful words 👌👌👌 Thanks for following Thought Fountain 🤗🤗🤗

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