Is everything not tiring?

Of the truth, we all get tired of certain things at different points in our lives. Every day, certain things are required of us. Undoubtedly responsibilities beckon to us.

It can be a weariness caused by exertion, an expenditure of physical or mental effort. We can indeed get tired, but that’s not all.

Layinka no publication on Unhampered Steps today?

Those were the words of my brother after he noticed that I didn’t publish a post on the blog as I used to on Fridays.

Sincerely, I was tired but guess what, I was encouraged.

Concern is a big way to encourage others. It says that you care.

Although I had decided not to write as I was just tired I was encouraged. This birthed this write-up you now read.

To encourage me the more, I met a good friend of mine who I met unplanned. While we spoke, she also reminded me that she saw no links yesterday (Friday) and that alone was encouraging together with the words she spoke.

Hey! I’m encouraging you to press forward even as I was encouraged today. Certainly, you can be fatigued and things seem like they wouldn’t fall into place. You just trust God and see how beautiful He will perform.

Again, concern is a big way to encourage others. Don’t just watch things crumble before you or let people be discouraged around you.

Be a source of inspiration to others. You will be glad how encouragement will embrace you in times you are down. While you let God’s joy flow through you, little by little, you make your atmosphere a dwelling place for strength and happiness.

Thrive 💫 ✨

Thanks so much for your presence 😄 It’s an encouragement.

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  1. Your posts are excellent 👍😊
    Happy to see your posts.
    I have to read one by one.
    Lots of insights here.
    Great thoughts 😊❤️
    Best regards 😊🙏

    1. This is encouraging!
      I’m sincerely sorry for the late response. For a while I have been off blogging, but now I’m back.

      Truth be told, this is welcoming and encouraging 🤭

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