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Unhampered steps

From the little things, you now know they count. So let’s just use the word up NEPA !!!

And that was how this young lad heard the joyful noise of the little children in his neighbourhood.

With his phone at 35%, he neglected the shout thinking it was closer to the time the generator would come on.

Since he had calculated the estimated time it takes for his phone to be fully charged, he seemed to have had all figured out and insisted he would charge his phone later with the electricity he ”could have created.”

Still engaging his phone, and with the 35% which would normally last more than an hour, it was all just perfect. The NEPA light lasted for about one hour thirty minutes and then ”they took the light”- as we will usually say.

Did I hear you whistle the ”Olopa ooo” through your unsealed lips?

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