Adaptation; when it becomes a problem

Amongst the numerous characters of man is the ability to adapt to a lot of things. Sometimes, this ability gives us an edge in our day to day activities. If not checked, it can pose a threat to our growth.

Who would have thought that NEPA wouldn’t supply electricity to my area for over six months? Sincerely that is no joke at all! At a point in time, having no power supply became a normal thing we expected from NEPA.

Rantings right? That there is just a little fragment of a “common” experience we might have faced in one way or the other, especially the electricity issues. There are more that even concerns our lives at a deeper level.

We all have grown up with the knowledge of adaptation as one of man’s major life characteristic. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we exceed the limit of adaptation, and take it as a norm.

… For over a month, the children of Israel were troubled and disturbed by the Philistines. Before their triumph, their hearts must have weakened to that level where it seems hope never existed. Little by little ,they must have started living and adapting to that fear which threatened their existence and freedom. Twice a day, morning and evening , Goiliath comes up to challenge them saying:

1st Samuel 17:8-10

“Why bother using your whole army? Am I not Philistine enough for you? And you’re all committed to Saul, aren’t you? So pick your best fighter and pit him against me. If he gets the upper hand and kills me, the Philistines will all become your slaves. But if I get the upper hand and kill him, you’ll all become our slaves and serve us. I challenge the troops of Israel this day. Give me a man. Let us fight it out together!”

These lasted for over 40 days until a person with a different mindset came up. He knew this was getting out of the normal. He also knew the situation on ground wasn’t defining the thoughts and desires of God. Why should Goliath defile the name of God! Mediocrity was never an option.

At the end of it all, they all triumphed by the help of God through David.

Little by little, they might have started conforming to becoming enslaved. Adaptation becomes a problem when we accept the ‘’BELIEVED NORMAL” instead of the God promised reality. You would be surprised to hear God saying; hey dear, it’s so true you have cried to me all this while. I also do not expect you to be at this stage in life. It seems you are already accepting it as a reality.

Appreciating better things is good but settling for a better, when there is a best, is no good thing at all.
Adaptation becomes a problem when there is a refusal to move. In this regard, complacency. It becomes a problem when you leave your ideas as ideas without bringing them out to realities.

See beyond, and do the needful to get to that height you desire. God does not give you visions and dreams for the euphoria of it. He gave you them that you can have something to run with.

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  1. I am blessed by this post. Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Sometimes our believed normal is not God’s plan for us. This is God reaching out to us to realign us.

  2. Strong words bro.
    ❗Appreciating better things is good but settling for a better, when there is a best, is no good thing at all.

    See beyond. Hmm
    More inspirations I pray you.

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