Is everything not tiring?

Of the truth, we all get tired of certain things at different points in our lives. Every day, certain things are required of us. Undoubtedly responsibilities beckon to us. It can be a weariness caused by exertion, an expenditure of physical or mental effort. We can indeed get tired, but that's not all. Layinka no... Continue Reading →

I shouldn’t have kept quiet 🀫

The things we all go through every moment of our lives differ from one level to another. You never can tell what moments different people are facing, and the swings of emotions occurring within them. In all of these, you really are instrumental in causing tremendous changes wherever you find yourself. It's an opportunity that... Continue Reading →

Why play the comparison game?

Hello beautiful people!!! πŸ€—πŸ˜„Trust me, that's no flattery at all. You are indeed extraordinary and stunning. While you read that, did you ever doubt whether or not it was really true? Often we ask a lot of questions about our make. We even decide to give a balance to it when we compare ourselves to... Continue Reading →

8 Amazing ways to encourage others

Happy new month πŸ˜„ πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Often, we neglect what encouragement has done and will ever do, that we refuse to give it out. To ourselves, and even to others, it goes a long way to help. At times, you can get fed up with certain life processes, dreams, aspirations, or desires, and all you ever... Continue Reading →

The priceless value of encouragement

Questions sometimes do not come verbally. At times, over and over again, you might have been asked a lot of questions multiple times. Your answer may only vary from time to time with answers varying in speech, conduct, attitude, character and words. What does encouragement mean to you? Tunmise happened to be a young child... Continue Reading →

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