Hidden motives of wicked men

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Check, what prompts that choice of action of yours?

A motive is an incentive to act in a particular way; it is a reason or emotion that makes one want to do something.

Story, story! History calls!

Once upon a time, around 1010–1002 BC, lived a great king called the beloved ( Dafidi ). He was a man of influence and value who commanded so much authority and was recognized abroad.

Other Kings existed, but He was different as he had the backing of a sovereign God.

Sometime after, Nahash, another king whose rule was over the Ammonites died, and his son succeeded him as king.

One day, Dafidi said,

“I would like to show some kindness to Hanun the son of Nahash, and treat him as well and as kindly as his father treated me.”

So David sent condolences about his father’s death.

But when Dafidi’s servants arrived in Ammonite country and came to Hanun to bring condolences, the Ammonite leaders warned Hanun,

“Do you for a minute suppose that David is honoring your father by sending you comforters? Don’t you know that he has sent these men to scout out the city and size it up so that he can capture it?”

Shouldn’t the multitude of counselors bring safety? What could have gone wrong?

In response to the counsel of his leaders, Hanun took their words to heart. He seized Dafidi’s ambassadors, shaved them, cut off their robes at the buttocks, and sent them back to Dafidi in shame.

You see, that act wasn’t something little. At that time, these men would have preferred to be killed than to have those things done to them.

Contrary to these times when people go around in that manner of exposure, that act was considered something similar to slavery.

At the end of it all, Hanul realized he had made a mistake and perceived the sincerity of Dafidi as one with wicked motives. This led to a war that should even have been avoided by apologies from Hanul’s end. All he went to do was to spend 75,000 pounds of silver to hire men for war.

You see, not every concern has a hidden agenda. While we may choose to keep our guards up, we shouldn’t always be on the offensive as you never know who is willing to help.

Counsels are there to guide you in your decisions, but not every counsel is safe even though the concern is shown for your safety. You have God and His word to guide you. His Spirit isn’t called the counselor for no reason.

Every act of kindness isn’t always suspicious. If kindness can’t be shown towards you, who deserves to be loved?


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