You can ask for help!

People have always proven to be people, and that human nature isn’t an exception to revealing itself. From asking directly from a friend to hearing another person telling your tales aloud in the disguise of trying to help.

Often it appears that it is just best to keep things to oneself rather than confide in another. Isn’t it more than how introverted a person is or appear to be? Have we not lost trust in people or even ourselves?

Is it the fear of rejection, dependency of others on you, feelings of burdening others, shame, disappointment, reciprocity, a belief in self-reliance, or even the expression and attitude of the supposed helper?

Not quite long, I had an experience that helped me relate more to this article and widened my view.

I have a story to tell.

David was a mighty king and a unique one who lived for about 70 years. He had a friend who was also a king. This king, Hiram, had always been a loyal friend of David while he was alive.

When Hiram learned that David’s son Solomon was the new king of Israel, he sent ambassadors to congratulate him.

They were two different kings, Hiram and Solomon, whose rule, had differences in authority, experience, wealth, wisdom, possession, and even more.

While a great difference existed between these kings, one thing was very certain. They had their uniqueness and capabilities.

Solomon had an assignment given to him by his father, David before he passed away. It was an assignment to build the Lord’s temple. In the bid to seeing this come to pass, David had also helped to provide a lot of materials for the build. He even command his men to be of help after he had passed away.

While all these were kept in place, that wasn’t all. Solomon also had a part to play, so, he sent a message back to Hiram who just congratulated him.

In his message, he said;

1st Kings 5:3-6

“You know that my father, David, was not able to build a Temple to honor the name of the Lord his God because of the many wars waged against him by surrounding nations. He could not build until the Lord gave him victory over all his enemies. But now the Lord my God has given me peace on every side; I have no enemies, and all is well. So I am planning to build a Temple to honor the name of the Lord my God, just as he had instructed my father, David. For the Lord told him, ‘Your son, whom I will place on your throne, will build the Temple to honor my name.’
“Therefore, please command that cedars from Lebanon be cut for me. Let my men work alongside yours, and I will pay your men whatever wages you ask. As you know, there is no one among us who can cut timber like you Sidonians!”

For a king who had all that he desired? What simplicity, sincerity, humility, and honor in his request? He realized that despite all that they had, He still needed help. This he did, not minding his status and person. He realized the beauty of what could be gotten from alliances towards achieving one’s goal. He knew that it wasn’t a bad thing to ask for help.

You see, why stress yourself to struggle when help is around you? If they are better at what they do, they know or have something you don’t. Be humble and make a move. Just like a friend said, you can’t be an all-rounder.

Trust God, take that step, be polite, pick up on cues, rely less on the obvious people, be straightforward and ask in specific terms. You just be led and let go of those assumptions you have built. These assumptions go a long way in your perception and reception.

On the other hand, if you are a helper, learn to communicate well and avoid making people regret asking for help because of you. Don’t be the reason they will say never again will I ask for help. Be polite and considerate. For we are all blessed to be a blessing. In one way or the other, we can’t do without others.

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