Here is s short story about a scenario that happened in my neighborhood. Digging deeper, there are more clarity and insight into this scenario that happened before me in seconds. I hope you learn from it.

While walking around my neighborhood after returning from an errand, there was this young boy who happened to be busy with an activity that I believe was going to fetch him money irrespective of its amount.

It was this time of the year when rain fell, heavily washing away the topsoil of the land. As usual, there will be a deposit of these materials at a particular spot. In these few seconds, I noticed this young boy holding a small round bowl and a shovel. The shovel he had with him was what he used to pack the available sharp sands into his small round bowl.

I didn’t stay still to keep watching him as I never had any thought anything was going to come out from it. I just walked and noticed what happened around me.

While walking, this young boy wasn’t joking around. He also carried his bowl full of sand and poured it elsewhere. Wow! He must have gone many rounds as the heap I saw was applaudable for his age.

As I moved on, I thought to myself. Why not get a bigger bowl. If the smaller bowl could measure about a considerable amount of sand, a bigger bowl should double his effort and reduce the number of rounds he has to go. Don’t you think so?

Little did I know…

And so I heard another reply within me. This wasn’t of my own understanding neither was it of my reasoning ο˜‚. It was the Holy Spirit helping my understanding here.

Job  32:8 

AMP: But there is [a vital force] a spirit [of intelligence] in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives men understanding.

In my understanding, I had thought that way but a question was thrown back to me in these form:

If you give him a bigger bowl with a larger capacity, what about his strength?

Wow! I later remembered this young boy’s appearance. He was really young and of small stature. A head pan, bigger than his bowl or even a wheelbarrow might have increased the volume of sand he packed. Nevertheless, it would have gone a long way to affect his health and developing bones.

It might seem slow but when he is given a considerable size or instrument to use, in the long run, it will help.

It might have seemed he was doing little, mind you, steadily at his pace, with his consistency, anyone would have applauded what he did. With his age and the tools he had, he maximized all and gave a wonderful result ( the heaps of sand ).

Mediocrity should never be an option. It’s a good desire to aspire for greater things. In all, your faithfulness in little things really counts. Maybe you need to grow beyond that age and size to where bigger things will be given to you to handle.

Little by little keep making a difference with what you have with you. You would be surprised how invaluable they will become. Sooner or later bigger things will come. No worries πŸ˜ƒ!

I would have loved to give other interpretations to this, but I’m certain beyond any interpretation I can give, a message or two as related to you would have been understood.

I’m glad you took the time to check this out πŸ˜„. Thanks so much, you are loved 😍!

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  1. All talks without action cos we are waiting for the “right” and “better” resources while ignoring the ones we have now ends with doing nothing at all.
    He that’s faithful in little will be faithful in much.
    Thank you too!

    1. Hmmmmm πŸ“
      I’m glad I read this. Such an insightful view!
      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. They will really be of great help.
      You are welcome πŸ€—

  2. This came timely… With consistency and maximzing the resources I have it will later on amount to some bigger.
    Thanks dear, God bless you

  3. I got value from this postβ€” I should work within the capacity God has constrained me into at every point of my life.
    God bless and increase you in Jesus’ name.

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