Why personal development is important

Certain times it seems as if one is stuck in a position where help can no longer be rendered by another person. We sometimes choose to blame the situations around us, and the happening in our societies. Sometimes we forget that it all begins with us. Little do we know that these little things matter,... Continue Reading →


Hello! While I looked at a just painted white ceiling, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this short piece down. I hope you learn from it. Yeah! With grace comes bigger responsibilities. As you move on in life, more responsibilities will be conferred upon you. It shouldn't be a time when you... Continue Reading →

Do little things really matter?

Most times, it's as if our gaze is on bigger things that we consciously or unconsciously neglect the little things that matter. We sometimes desire to possess big and great things that we forget that they all start from those little things which we often neglect. Just look around you and within you. The big... Continue Reading →


Here is s short story about a scenario that happened in my neighborhood. Digging deeper, there are more clarity and insight into this scenario that happened before me in seconds. I hope you learn from it. While walking around my neighborhood after returning from an errand, there was this young boy who happened to be... Continue Reading →

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