It steals time!

If only we did the things we should have done when we were supposed to do them, what simplicity and ease we would have enjoyed and seen.

You think you have the time until you get to that tomorrow where you have piled up things from the past. In that tomorrow you later realize it’s filled up already, not to speak of undone or unfinished works you already brought from the past.

Undoubtedly each day has enough trouble of its own. That moment it occurs to you to do it is the best time it should be done, don’t push it further!

You will need no further pushing except you discipline yourself accordingly.

Now, I am stuck at this point with nothing to write anymore. I wish I could say a lot, but you know it’s still your choice to do what you should do when you are supposed to do it.

This is the day! Avoid procrastination. It steals time, even with your permission. Enjoy that peace and ease that comes from God. If you will do it tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

Thanks so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from and learning from you in the comment box.

Shalom ✌🏽

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    1. “This is the day”, I haven’t seen it this way before now 😊… Thank you Olayinka.
      …If you will do it tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Very true.

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