Get a broom first!

I have had several prompts as well as some persons reaching out to me expressing their concerns as regards this space. Often I had in mind to at least write a thing or two. I think those desires only rested in my mind and not my fingers. Undoubtedly, I didn’t get a broom first until now. I can now clear the webs off from this space.

Immediately I got inspired to write, I knew if I pushed this further, it may be another line hidden in my thoughts. Fetching it out may be a task , and the strength to that I have preserved for another feat.

A friend of mine had reached out to me earlier on with a piece of art. The lines I read were creatively crafted by him. You would be surprised how I missed the document the day he sent it to me until later. This was about two weeks after until I realized I hadn’t responded to his message.

It was after reading the second line of his article I got the inspiration and the lines of thought to come up with this. It had these words “Get a broom first!”

What for? I’ll tell you.

To get a broom first is to start from somewhere. It implies a conscious effort that shows your readiness to pick up from where you last stopped.

Many times, after leaving a task, plan or set of to do’s for a long time, one looses the interest or zeal to continue. Who knows, maybe that break wasn’t even necessary or was just too long that it broke your passion.

If it’s dirty then get a broom first. This is the inspiration you have been waiting for, and now is the perfect time to start from where you stopped.

Hey, it’s time!

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