Why personal development is important

Certain times it seems as if one is stuck in a position where help can no longer be rendered by another person. We sometimes choose to blame the situations around us, and the happening in our societies. Sometimes we forget that it all begins with us. Little do we know that these little things matter, and in the long run, they will surely count.

Personal development is a deliberate process that involves activities aimed at improving and developing potentials, talents, skills, character, awareness, and identity. It is a process of investing in oneself.

There are heights you may not attain until you are deliberate with discipline and conscious growth. It’s sometimes easy to desire certain things in life and to crave for them. The issue we sometimes face is taking adequate steps to do the needful.

Personal development begins with self-awareness in understanding who you are, your personality, strength, and weaknesses. It will help contribute to sharpening your focus and giving you a sense of direction. It helps in improving your relationships and developing a stronger resilience in life.

The necessity for personal development

  • It sharpens your focus: Personal development helps you develop a keen sight towards where you are heading. When you improve yourself in certain areas, you begin to understand where and when to channel your strength.
  • It helps you to understand your boundaries: Sometimes we stress ourselves over tasks and activities for too long. Personal development will give you the insight to help you know the areas you do best.
  • It helps you maximize your potentials: With awareness comes the opportunity to maximize your potentials. When you personally work on them, you become better. .
  • It gives room for improvement: No wonder it is called development. Personal development helps you to understand your weaknesses as well as the advantages they carry. That you are weak in an area doesn’t mean you can’t get better and become stronger.

Step by step, there is more to attain when you take quality time to understand yourself and give room for personal development.

When opportunities start knocking, just like David, you will have the confidence to speak of your dealings and know what you can face.

Romans 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

The world is no place for the crude. The refined will surely have a say, and much value to offer. God is interested in you, and so developing yourself and renewing your mind will go a long way to help you reflect God’s light in different spheres of life.

You were made for more, so don’t settle for less. You are special! 😍

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    1. 😂 God desires that His children stand out amongst the crowd. He isn’t a God of mediocrity, so He also wants us to be excellent in all that we do and not just be crude.

      Thanks 😄

  1. I love this… I use this style for self care because how can I “develop” a strong character (in my novels) without having developed my own “self” better. It reminds me of how the airline flight attendants tell us to put our air masks on first and then put the mask on to our children, etc. Personal development is so important. Thank you kindly for your post.
    Sponsler Ink & Chris’ Custom Coaching

    1. Thanks 🤭
      Wow! That’s very true.
      It stems from developing yourself as it will reflect later on other things.

      It is so important 💯
      You are welcome 🤗
      Thanks so much for checking it out and expressing your wonderful thoughts.

    2. Yes, I agree with this.

      If you don’t put on your mask first, how can you help them when they need it.

      How can they accept wearing it off you’re not?

      Great point!

  2. God does not want to raise mediocre children

    There is always more!
    We need to keep growing!

    Thank you for this

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