Things to do during the summer in Toronto

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the largest city in Canada and also one amongst the most diverse. From museums and galleries to the world-famous CN Tower, it’s home to a dynamic mixture of tourist attractions.

There are Real estate in Toronto and you will find no shortage of things to do, from the colorful Entertainment District, featuring the most recent musicals and fine dining, to the historic Distillery District, home to unique shops and restaurants set in incredibly restored buildings.

Outdoor activities to try out and do around Toronto are in their different numbers and as summer continues many things may spring forth.

Fun Activities to do in Toronto This Summer

Explore a botanical garden

The atmosphere while walking or strolling through the botanical garden comes with a calmness you would like to experience. Check out the Toronto Botanical Gardens in North York near Sunnyside Park. For something closer to downtown, visit Allan Gardens on Gerrard St. East. Afterward, take a stroll through Cabbagetown.

Visit the Rouge Park

As Canada’s largest urban park, there are endless trails to explore here on foot or by bike. It’s hard to believe you’re still within the city limits walking around Rouge Park. You’ll be able to even camp there! There’s even a free shuttle that runs from downtown Toronto to Rouge Park all summer long.
Visit rouge park as a fun thing to try and do in toronto this summer. Rouge Park has endless trails to explore!

Sign up for a summer run

Check out this Toronto Run Guide and find the perfect run to crush this summer. It will even be one way to help your health and keep you in good shape as it’s a form of exercise on its own.

Get involved with a beach clean-up

There are a lot of things one can actually do. One way is participating in a beach clean-up. You would be surprised by the amount of refuse and garbage you will find.

Bike the city

One of the fastest way to get around Toronto is by biking. Sine there the city is designed in such a way that encourages biking since the roads are flat, you need not to worry about hills.

Together with a couple of friends you sure can go around biking.

Toronto has a bike share program where you can pick up and drop off bikes at various stations around the city. There are also guided bike tours you can join of downtown Toronto.

Explore the city on foot

You sure can walk around with a couple of friends while you discuss a lot of things and enjoy the sight of the city.

Check out the Toronto Zoo

Are you tired of the everyday sight of the walls all around? You sure can try the Toronto zoo. It has a remarkable and diverse collection, with approximately 5,000 animals.

Seeing animals and God’s wonderful creatures will enliven your mood from the gorillas and beavers, to giraffes and tigers, pygmy hippos, lions, tigers, giraffes, penguins, orangutans, and many more.

The zoo is divided into several sections, each representing a major region of the globe.

The Gorilla Rainforest; the Tundra Trek, featuring polar bears; and the Great Barrier Reef are some of the distinct highlights at the Toronto Zoo. The Discovery Zone is a popular area with families, and through the summer months, a splash pad offers fun within the sun.

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