The beauty of Christmas

Merry Christmas 🀢 and a happy new year in advance!

It’s such a wonderful privilege to experience this festive season. May God’s name forever be glorified over our lives. Amen!

I just kept wondering what I should write on as regards Christmas. This is entirely different from what I had planned to publish a long time ago. No worries! It’s a great one.

If Christmas were to be a person communicating with you, what message do think she would pass across to you?

What joy do you think a barren woman would feel after getting to know she is pregnant? This is very little compared to her joy after delivery.

This is a simlitude to the nature of the world. Sincerely, all that the world needs is Christ. As a master planner, after the fall of man and loss of dominion, God still made a way for restoration.

Just think about it, what issue exist without Christ as a solution. Even the angels were so joyful that they had to sing aloud for man to hear. Christmas speaks a reminder of the birth of Jesus and all it carried. The love of God for mankind revealed through His perfect gift.

The birth of Jesus encompasses the fruit of the Holy Spirit which goes a long way to help you irrespective of your personality and temperament. Is it the Love you need to mend a broken heart or the peace in the midst of the storm which made Paul to eat while the ship was being destroyed.

Just think about it! Jesus Christ is the perfect solution and answer to your prayers. No worries, He isn’t far from you. Just dial your requests for Him in prayer,airtime is free! A simple Dear Jesus come over into my heart will go a long way to help.

So, hear the message of love from Christmas and be an instrument of it’s sharing all around you. Merry Christmas! You are loved 😍

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