Some excuses are really justifiable 🤔

Hi there! How have you been? Tired right? Sincerely, there are times you have a lot of things required from you to do, and then you have excuses which are justifiable not to do them. Yeah, that’s very true.

It’s cold, and you can’t read, it’s so hot out there, and you can’t afford to trek. You have a lot to do, and so you just need to scrap your quiet time with God. Maybe yours aren’t this simple enough. The economy isn’t even pushing you further to horn those gifts and skills of yours.

There are a lot of reasons to fail! Sincerely these reasons oftentimes are justifiable beyond doubt. Nevertheless, irrespective of whether they are justifiable or not, the sluggard will still end begging in harvest and have nothing.

While I came across this Bible verse, it passed a different message of wisdom to me which I share with you. Thank God for the Holy Spirit 😄🤭

Whoosh! Though it’s cold out there, trust me “the weather isn’t favorable for work”. Nevertheless, more than the weather is the character of the sluggard.

Awake and make a change. It might not really be easy, but you got to move. You really need to be responsible and live no room for regrets later on in life. You have God and so you are at the most favorable end.


Philippians 2:13 KJV

For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.

Have a wonderful weekend. You are loved 😍

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  1. Can I say more than thank you for this.
    Thank you sweet holy spirit.

    This was a strict warning, warm encouragement passed across with love and care. You drip warmth with your pen. Thank you Ola

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