From the little things, you now know they count. So let’s just use the word up NEPA !!!

And that was how this young lad heard the joyful noise of the little children in his neighbourhood.

With his phone at 35%, he neglected the shout thinking it was closer to the time the generator would come on.

Since he had calculated the estimated time it takes for his phone to be fully charged, he seemed to have had all figured out and insisted he would charge his phone later with the electricity he ”could have created.”

Still engaging his phone, and with the 35% which would normally last more than an hour, it was all just perfect. The NEPA light lasted for about one hour thirty minutes and then ”they took the light”- as we will usually say.

Did I hear you whistle the ”Olopa ooo” through your unsealed lips?  

It’s sad that though the ninety-five minutes charging could have boosted his battery percent to about 80%, if not a 100%, and consequently he could have had a greater chance of what he can use for whatever activities he needed; this wasn’t the case, rather he’s kissing an opportunity goodbye.

The time had gone and so he heard that blissful sound from the phone – the 5% notification. It was time to charge his phone. So, the little lad stood up with joy in his heart to put on the generator. Lo and behold it refused to start… (it was quite unexpected, who plans for their back-up to fail??)

We may not all come to terms about ghosts, but I know ”we” know NEPA- it’s as if they watch us sometimes and await our moves until we are about to turn the TV switch and then, lights out! so needless to say, his ”ghosts” readily hang around. But this time it was different, and that’s how the ”ghosts” blinked the light.

The little lad was happy, he ran inside to plug 🔌 and Just immediately he switched it on NEPA smiled back at him. The light had gone. The ghosts sidelined…, Assumptions and nonchalance had cost him much.

You never can tell. Looking back at what happened to those chances you deliberately ignored. What about the times you had the opportunity to say you were sorry or when you had a long time to prepare for exams. The opportunity to invest that little sum of money in a business and you just spent it all like that.

What about your Christian life and your relationship with God? What about the times you complained and gave excuses as regards your being busy?


They usually come unannounced…they present cheap at times, the prepared earn them.

They are open doors to new levels
They are ladders of promotions.
They are lifts to new heights.
Opportunities have presented themselves to many people but they could not maximize them because they were not prepared when they came knocking. Success in life is a product of opportunity plus preparation. What legacy will you then leave behind when these opportunities come by. You are what you are because of the type of decisions you make.

Do something, meet people, give something; be it your time talents and ideas. Take the maximum advantage of what you are offered. Get information, work somewhere, handle responsibility and be sure to make the best of every opportunity that comes your way in that which is right.

Did you ever say you wanted to be wealthy and at every slight opportunity you spend all you have on all you see? Little by little opportunities pass by, and ”simple” things aren’t cheap. Attitudes can cost a fortune. You met someone for the first time and all you did was misbehave. You had the opportunity to eat before someone of influence and you ate as if hunger had eaten a part of you. Come on!

Time is an opportunity, so make it count. That friendship is an opportunity don’t just misbehave. A friend of yours disclosed something personal to you and you saw it as an opportunity to gossip! You had a chance to help and you just missed it. What of those times you were pressed to pray, call or even help in advising. They are all opportunities. Behold them! They are all around you waiting for you to use them.

Is it the opportunity to; use your words to heal a heart that has been bruised, use your hands to rescue, use your whisper, maybe your smile to tell somebody that they’re worthwhile, or the opportunity to encounter the needy and all you need to do is to deepen your hands into your pockets? We never can tell if it is an opportunity God is using to speak through you and bless you.

In all things you still have that opportunity of salvation and you know, you never can tell. Why not settle that issue now. Just take a leap of faith and dedicate your life to God or back to God. Give your life to Jesus and give him a chance. You have that opportunity now. Now is the hour of your salvation.

Ecclesiastes 12:1

Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth, while the evil days come not, nor the years draw nigh when thou shalt say, I have no pleasure in them;

Later on in life may we live our lives as a thank you and that whenever we look back we are glad that we maximised every opportunity that came our way. Leave the “ghosts” no chances (remember?)

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