4 signs you are not eating enough Protein.

Cheers to World Food day, make sure you grow, nourish and sustain. 

Nowadays, the frequent prevalence of certain health issues relating to fat and sugar has made many ignore other important nutrients. As long as you aren’t obese it is assumed that you are doing well in balanced meal planning.

Protein is the building block of your muscles, skin, enzymes, and hormones, and it plays an essential role in all body tissues.

Sometimes you might doubt if you are eating enough protein to fuel your fitness and body composition goals.

The most severe form of protein deficiency is known as kwashiorkor. This mostly occurs in children in developing countries where famine and imbalanced diets are common.

Since protein is almost entirely found in the body, a deficiency of protein can affect almost all aspects of the body function.

It is associated with many symptoms. Watch out for these 4 warning signs.

Loss of Muscle Mass

The body’s largest reservoir of protein is the muscles.

As a reservoir of protein, when dietary protein is in short supply, the body tends to take protein from skeletal muscles to preserve more important tissues. This may lead to muscle wasting.

So you may work out more and see fewer results if your diet doesn’t support your energy needs

It is true muscle degeneration may be associated with old age. Increased protein intake may slow this

You are constantly injured

Since protein is important in body tissues, a deficiency of it will affect the strength of the skin layer and as such give room for frequent injuries.

Beyond getting injured, consuming little protein may affect your body’s response to fight infections such as the common cold.

A lack of protein in your diet can increase the risk of injury due to weak bones; when you do not get enough protein the body has difficulty absorbing calcium. This can lead to weaker bones and increased injury risk.

You can see your scalp

Protein is important in creating luxurious locks. Shampoos and conditioners can’t perform the wonderful function of a protein. Who knows if you have been spending excess money in the wrong direction?

Protein is a major component of each hair strain. Noticing how your hair looks or sometimes fall can give you a clue on what your body requires from you.

When your body is deficient in protein it starts removing it from the non-essential part which includes the hair. This reduces the strength of your hair and causes hair loss.

Skin redness, flaky skin, brittle nails, and depigmentation may also be caused by the insufficient protein.

The next time you notice that amount of hair after a shower check to make sure you are eating enough protein.

You can’t stop snacking

When your protein intake is inadequate, your body attempts to restore your protein status by increasing your appetite and encouraging you to find something to eat.

Protein deficit doesn’t just drive the urge to eat. It may selectively increase people’s appetite for savory foods, which tend to be high in protein.

It is at this time we experience rapid spike and crashes of insulin that causes intense cravings for foods with high calories compared to protein content.

So make sure the next time the urge to snack frequently comes, you ensure that sufficient protein, healthy fats, and carbs are present.

Protein is found everywhere in your body. Your skin, hair, muscles, bones, and blood are largely made of protein.

A deficiency of protein will therefore go a long way to affect your body system

Ensure to include protein-rich foods in every meal to enjoy optimal health.

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