Why assumptions are bad

Assumptions are one of the easiest things to make. You only need a part of your story, experience, thoughts, or even the words of others to make the puzzle complete.

“Just say it or give it the picture you desire. In no time, it just will fall into place.” πŸ˜„ That’s an assumption though!

Here’s a story I would love you to learn from…πŸ˜‰

JAMES: It wasn’t the first time she did this to me. With the way I see it, she had always proven to be very arrogant and high minded. Could you imagine! Why should she ignore me at this age of mine? I was just being pleasant with her.

TOLA: Wow! I thought I was the only one who reasoned that way. At a point in time, I promised never to repeat it.

JAMES: After greeting her several times, I already concluded in my mind that she’s a pompous person.

TOLAPE: This is serious. It must have gone a long way to affect others in their opinions about her. As her friends, if we think like this, what do you think others will say or think?

Not quite long, I met her along the junction leading to the mall. I greeted her, and I was ignored. Since others were there, especially one of my friends, I had to pretend my hands were aching me that I started rubbing my palms together. Guys, I was mocked.

In anger, I ran to meet this β€œproud greeting ignorer.” To my surprise, she welcomed me happily. I was startled at her response. She must have been an absent-minded person who isn’t conscious about her environment at all. Based on what she told me, she said she never knew I was greeting her. She said that sometimes she battles with some thoughts, which makes her worry a lot.
Funny enough, I met her a few days later and confirmed all she had told me. While I was on my way to get some groceries, I saw her being scolded by a Taxi man for her reckless crossing. She really has some issues bothering her.

JAMES & TOLA: Wow! Seriously! Little did we know all this happened within her.

TOLAPE: Exactly! Now is the time she needs us most and not our assumptions about her being proud. I’m glad I asked her the other day for the reason she ignored me…

Just like a friend of mine said:

Indeed “assumptions” would have to be dissolved when there is room for effective communication.

It isn’t of little effect assumptions have caused in different areas life be it relationships, academics, spiritual, financial and all other aspects.

Even the Bible instructs that we examine ourselves whether we are in the faith. We were never told to assume our relationship with God is true or false. Our assumptions about our right standing with God can cause a ripple that we never imagined.

Why not ask questions than assuming? Questions help in dissolving assumptions. Who knows what would have happened if Tolape had not asked about why she thought she was been ignored by her friend.

Certain times you may read meaning to certain behaviors, words, or characters than it is. Instead of building your reaction on assumptions, why not engage communication effectively by asking questions.

So, before you jump to the next conclusion, I hope you will communicate effectively and ask questions.

Thanks so much for taking the time to get here ☺. You are loved 😍

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  1. Thanks Yinka, you too are loved!

    #Ask questions
    Assumptions can truly be bad.

    Putting ourselves in the other persons shoes also helps- why would I have done what I saw the other person do? It makes room for understanding…

    Then we proceed to Ask questions.

  2. Hmm.. very true
    Asking questions would save us in a lot of ways but we still assume most times….it is well with us
    Thank you Yinka
    You’re a blessing

  3. Questions are a great thing as you point out here. Thank you for ending your post with “you are loved.” Our Pastor says this to us each Sunday as we end the service and we are ready to leave!

  4. It’s so easy to make assumptions

    Meaning we just have to work on ourselves to ask the right questions and clear our doubt

    Assumptions can also wreck havoc on relationships if not handled in time

    Communication is the key

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