Keep hope alive

Hello beautiful people! How have you been? Here's to today's post. I hope you have a wonderful read. Be inspired! Apostle Joshua Selman Be patient, there is an evidence that's been built. Don't corrupt the power of the testimony that is waiting for you through impatience. You keep hope alive Jeremiah 29:11 CSB For I... Continue Reading →

The tale of a bastard

You probably wouldn’t be familiar with me, so let’s keep my name unknown for now till later. Here's a part of my story I will love to share with you. It's one of my life's tales I would love you to learn from. It was an era when wars were fought and certain persons were... Continue Reading →


Were there times you sat still and then a sound from the past played joyfully in your heart? Was it that time you spent alone and then a memory of yesterday flashed through your mind reflecting in your facial expression? Maybe you smiled or frowned. Who knows if all you could remember was pain, guilt... Continue Reading →

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