Ará nkan mí – I’m frustrated

It's Nigeria, for God's sake! Who shouldn't be frustrated? Maybe you aren't even in Nigeria, but you still can relate to times when you were frustrated and angry. Isn't it justifiable to react to others with a mix of your frustrations and pains?. Subtly, by our reactions, we tell our frustrations, painfully, we try to... Continue Reading →

Appreciating your mistakes

Mistakes are real, and they happen daily. They come in numerous forms, most times in the decisions we make. Were there times you did certain things, that you prayed the earth opens up and swallows you? For instance, on a Sunday morning, it's your turn as an instrumentalist to play a solo for a praise... Continue Reading →


Did you ever wonder how some people get some things done in no time while you keep struggling at it? Maybe you even started together who knows. Perhaps, the next move you had was to either get angry with them or speak badly about them to others. You might have even claimed that you were... Continue Reading →

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