Do good people still live?

… My phone dropped on my way to church today, just opposite my house. I didn’t notice until I got to church and I had many reasons to conclude that I left it back home.
Fast forward… Returned back home this evening and me putting a call through…
Apparently, someone in my street until I came gave a description of where to collect it from. I have never met him before. Good people still exist in this country. Many of them. ✨ That’s my side of the Nigerian story.

Those were the words of my brother after he had an encounter with his phone’s Saviour πŸ˜….

Oftentimes, what happens to a phone like this after being taken is that the owner accepts that the phone is far gone never to be returned. Probably, it would be taken to a phone technician, wiped and sold, or retained by the individual who found it.

Was it that difficult to find five good persons for the salvation of Sodom and Gomorrah?

With the number of encounters we must have had with several people, we are sure to come to certain conclusions about the nature of people. We all have our say and what we have experienced with different persons we have come across.

While you may choose to complain and celebrate, what about you? What do you think will be said about 80% of individuals who had the opportunity to meet you or had their belongings in your possession.

Be that one good person who can effect a change and cause a genuine smile to others. You sure can be that one good person who still exists.

Be the change you desire to see in others, and you will be surprised how reflective your change will shine back to/at you.

While you live and walk daily, I pray that you become a source of hope and reason people will desire to become better.

Matthew 7:3

β€œAnd why worry about a speck in your friend’s eye when you have a log in your own?

Start with you! Have a wonderful weekend. You are loved 😍

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  1. Yes, good people exist. You can meet them in your daily life. I was assuming your phone stolen and you cleared it later😜.
    Stay happy, stay positive. What is the weather in Nigeria?

  2. You know this is my lifestyle, I am so nice and kind- especially to those haters around me. But overall, I am kind and helpful parson

  3. I’d be a good person daily, for myself and for others by Christs Help. Great week ahead world! and years coming. Amen

  4. Yeah!!!.. good people still exists it’s just rare to find them in the world we are in.
    And in this world we need a lot of good.

  5. I choose to be the good person that can effect a change and cause a person or smile genuinely.

    Thank you for sharing, unhampered steps!❀️

  6. My church is full of good people who help one another with everything from rides to the airport, babysitting, help moving, meals when recovering from surgery or childbirth, and on and on… The formula is simple: If you say you follow Jesus Christ, do it. Read what He taught, and do it.
    (It’s simple, as in “uncomplicated” – not “easy.”)

    1. Wow! 🀭
      The way you expressed your thoughts and reactions about all you said is amazing.

      Exactly πŸ₯Ί πŸ’― πŸ“
      Thanks so much for sharing

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