From all that’s around you, check! Nothing around you exists with no spark of creativity.

Just think about it. It is the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination. It is creativity. Let’s say it is bringing something out of both nothing and something.

Genesis 1:1, In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Genesis 1:27, So God created man in his image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.

We all have the mind of God concerning all things that pertain to life and existence. We were not created in the form of anything, we possess this potential of creativity which we must have shown consciously or unconsciously. If we were created in the image of God then we possess this great need that creation requires. In all areas of life, some spaces require that idea we conceive in our minds. We should not let fear and laziness drown us in the river of stagnancy.

We are all born creative. We all have an unquenchable desire to try. What builds us is our interest and inquisitiveness and for that, I believe everyone is creative. Just like that song by David Archuleta; It’s been there within you all along. And when you’re near it you can almost hear it. It’s like a symphony,
just keep listening, and pretty soon you’ll start to figure out your part. Everyone plays a piece in their melodies. In each one of us Oh oh oh, it’s glorious.

Bringing it out

  • Utilise the power of condition and situation: Most times creativity becomes efficient and effective when we are in certain situations. Considering the lives of some students who learn creativity in money maximisation when they have little cash and insufficient food. Most times, it is surprising that we create a different type of dish we have never seen or eaten before.
  • Ask questions : Do you desire to know how and why? As we ask questions genuinely with no hidden motives, gradually we develop that ability of creativity.
  • Think: Engage your thoughts and guide your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Proverbs 4:23. Just think about it and do not worry.
  • Be open and aware: It’s good to have open minds and to be alert to the needs of our lives and those around us

Don’t just sit all day. That problem has a solution. Don’t doubt your ability to proffer solutions. Be appreciative and value that which is around you. With knowledge, imagination, motivation, innovation, vision, brainstorming and ideas, be inspired daily to contribute to whatever field. Be it in writing, music, games, speech, education, photography, designing, movie making, scripts, talking, ideas. Just think about it. You have your spa

Romans 8:19 For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. The world is waiting and God desires to see himself in you.

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