At a time like this

The voices of silence all around me, and the noises of many waters as it may seem as though boredom is taking hold of me,that I begin to count the numbers of ceilings. I even know the radio station’s frequency so much, not forgetting the time for each program. This may be the depth of boredom to me, and yours may be as deep as we never can measure. What’s boredom to you?

So at a time like this, when our normal live pattern has chosen another path, and we all are made to sit still and wonder daily what’s next to do. The introverts rejoice and the extroverts are pained, as they live the lives of others. Come on! You can find joy in all these things.

Okay, relax, certain measures will be discussed and if tried I bet the day will be over, and yet you will desire more time to live each day with a mindset of purpose.

  • So, what to do at a time like this :

Start your day with God: Abaaa! why God in this matter? The reality of it is that you actually can’t press forward smoothly in the day when God is not involved. Just try it out and you see the joy flowing like a river through the day.

  • Know God more: Come to think about it. Who is this God you claim to serve? Have you ever wondered who He is? Now is the time to sit still and consider your faith. The excuses of no time don’t count here. Why not dedicate quality time to spend with His word. If you claim you can’t see Him then check His word out. Rise from the claim of ignorance and come to the knowledge of Him.

Stay safe: This is a very important part of living your day great. Let your risks be balanced and consider both sides. If God will protect you, you also will need to play your part effectively.

Be responsible: The time of excuses is gone. Now is the time to show how responsible you can be to those around you. Don’t just sit idle. Help those around you and relieve them of the burdens off their shoulders. Don’t just sit still and see others working. Please be responsible.

Record your goals: Having the understanding of times, don’t just wake up and start whatsoever you lay your hands on. Come on! You need to be organized. Have a steady plan for what you desire.

Mine your mind : One major reason we get bored is actually the fact that we do the same thing over and over again. The mind as a resourced land needs to be mined to get new ideas for daily living and work them out.

Interest development : It’s high time you and I developed interest in new things as well as those things which we looked down on and degraded.Around you lies many things we should have handled, we just need to open our eyes and behold beauty in them.

Study: Don’t just live the day catching fun. Study and learn new things in different spheres be it academics, lifestyle and spiritual life. Bend that neck and read. As you do this you develop your mind which later reflects in your actions.

Sleep: Take quality time to sleep well and don’t forget to get wisdom from Proverbs. Slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep; and an idle soul shall suffer hunger. Yet The sleep of a labouring man is sweet, whether he eat little or much. Don’t sleep to poverty. You actually are not advised to sleep the whole day. Instead, you are advised to actually give your body a thank you for a job well done for the day. No more morning classes, early waking to get certain things done. Do the right thing at the right time.

Furthermore ;
1. Play brain activity games as well as other fun games.
2. Work on your weaknesses and learn more about your strength.
3. Reorganise messy things.
4. Connect with people.
5. Introspect yourself.
6. Improve your cooking skills having the knowledge that it is not time to waste available resources. Be Conservative.
7. Develop a new hobby.
8. Binge on your favourite TV shows.
9. Refuse to be ignorant about the things happening around you as well as those things far-away from you.
10. Get daily to access the Internet. You really need to.
Stay positive, remain sharp and be a new you daily. Not forgetting to change your body language and looks.

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  1. This is really awesome, mahn. I totally adore your effort in putting this together to help people out of the miserable boredom taunting them.
    Weldone! I must say.

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