A soldier’s Diary

⚠ ⚠ ⚠ This event you are about to read had taken place a long time ago. You are advised to follow up and pay close attention while reading. Thanks so much ⚠ ⚠ ⚠ 


How are you doing today? I hope that you are doing well and great? You must be enjoying the evolution and technologies that you are privileged to have at your time.

I am a soldier who happens to be amongst the era of an old King (the father of Solomon). I fought for Israel and David our King. 

Funny enough, you might not know me but I surely existed in time past. As you continue to read, little by little, I hope you get to understand and know me better.

Together with our King, we (the king’s men) decided to run for safety. It pained us that our King who could handle thousands of philistine soldiers had to run from his son Absalom. We could have fought back but this time around it was the whole Israelite that connived with Absalom to fight David.

David was our King and anointed by God to lead us, the people of Israel. At a point in time, certain things happened and his son Absalom decided to rebel against his father, our king. He took the heart of the Israelite through a cunning means and decided to overthrow his father David.

After a while when all had been done, Absalom decided to attack us in our place of refuge, where we ran to. At the end, we had no choice but to fight back.

Our King was in a tight condition on what order he should give. Will he play the role of a father or a King?

This was his instruction.

2 Samuel 18:5

And the king gave this command to Joab, Abishai, and Ittai: “For my sake, deal gently with young Absalom.” And all the troops heard the king give this order to his commanders.

We moved on to defend our King and in our defense, we got the victory. Those who came to attack us were perplexed, some were killed and others ran.

Absalom the leader of those who rebelled against David saw this and ran back. As he was running this happened.

2 Samuel 18:9

During the battle, Absalom happened to come upon some of David’s men. He tried to escape on his mule, but as he rode beneath the thick branches of a great tree, his hair got caught in the tree. His mule kept going and left him dangling in the air.

As a soldier, what was I expected to do? Should I not have killed him who caused so much trouble?

I saw this and decided to report to our commander Joab saying “I saw Absalom dangling from a great tree.” Guess what his reply was?

2 Samuel 18:11

“What?” Joab demanded. “You saw him there and didn’t kill him? I would have rewarded you with ten pieces of silver and a hero’s belt!”

Wow! This was a very big offer to us then. Who shouldn’t fall for it?

That was against the King’s instructions. It was an attempt to push me to do what would have cost me my life.

2 Samuel 18:13

And if I had betrayed the king by killing his son—and the king would certainly find out who did it—you yourself would be the first to abandon me.”

Two soldiers like me did something similar. One pretended to kill Saul and the other killed one of David’s thinking they would get a reward. At the end it cost them their lives.

You see, sometimes you truly need to be careful of some people. In whatever field you may be in life, they always exist. Sometimes, it might even be a close friend of yours. Will you choose to listen to them and later suffer from it?

Wisdom is expected from you in your relationship with others. By chance, you might be in a position to give orders and all. It is lovely if you do what you want others to do unto you. A trap you can avoid shouldn’t be what you tell a someone to test.

At this point, I have no option than to stop writing. I just got a message to return back to training.

Thank you for getting to this point. You are loved. I hope loving others won't be an issue to you. I hope you got at least a message. This may be old but I hope it is relevant. Thanks 

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  1. Now I see why Solomon himself asked God for wisdom.
    So as to have the right answers to all situation.
    I ask for the same wisdom today! 🙏

    1. Exactly, it is.
      This is the assurance that we have in Him, whatever we ask He will answer 🤗.

      He will surely answer.
      You are welcome
      Thanks so much for checking out on the blog ☺️

  2. I really love this. For those who just read the bible without fully understanding this is like a major break down for better understanding.
    Thanks for this, be blessed 💡

    1. You are welcome 🤗
      That gladens my heart 😊☺️
      That’s good to hear.
      His love is overwhelming, reckless and endless. What we don’t even deserve.
      Thanks for checking out on the blog ☺️

  3. This is lovely ❤️, been trying to write like this also, like write from a Bible character’s point of view but I need more work 😅…..love your writing

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