I shouldn’t have kept quiet 🤫

The things we all go through every moment of our lives differ from one level to another. You never can tell what moments different people are facing, and the swings of emotions occurring within them. In all of these, you really are instrumental in causing tremendous changes wherever you find yourself. It's an opportunity that... Continue Reading →

An unfair life

He had always been a good person to others. His conversation was usually unique and graceful . Trust me when he speaks to you, you would feel enlivened. One day a secret was out. He spoke that way to others but was always harsh in his words to himself. He got a reply from a... Continue Reading →

The priceless value of encouragement

Questions sometimes do not come verbally. At times, over and over again, you might have been asked a lot of questions multiple times. Your answer may only vary from time to time with answers varying in speech, conduct, attitude, character and words. What does encouragement mean to you? Tunmise happened to be a young child... Continue Reading →

The dialogue – Words

Here's a short video I made for you. Don't worry, you will love it! Scripture reference:1st Samuel 2:3Song by Lauren Daigle-You Say I hope you have gotten at least one or two messages from the video recently played. I'm trusting that starting from now you will be careful of the words you choose to take... Continue Reading →

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