Is preparation really necessary?

Could it be possible that there is an absolute link between the results you obtain and how unprepared you were before their possible outcomes? Undoubtedly, your results will probably reflect how unprepared you were. After writing a post, "A lesson from the pot", a friend of mine asked if it would be possible to have... Continue Reading →

Do little things really matter?

Most times, it's as if our gaze is on bigger things that we consciously or unconsciously neglect the little things that matter. We sometimes desire to possess big and great things that we forget that they all start from those little things which we often neglect. Just look around you and within you. The big... Continue Reading →

A lesson from the Pot

Hello! It's a bit different today 🤐. I hope each line passes a message across to you. No worries, be sure to get at least a lesson at the end of this post. Thanks 😄 Time and time again, we can always learn about the little things that happen around us. Sometimes, lessons learned from... Continue Reading →

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