My one year blog anniversary

Happy birthday to us! Today’s our one-year blogging anniversary.

Surprisingly, I still can remember how it was a year ago when I first hit the publish button on this blog. At that time, a lot of thoughts ran through my mind and all. Hmmmm!

While I thought about what I would be writing today, sincerely, it was far from the norm. No worries, I will still share the whole blog story one day very soon. It’s really coming in a big way!

So today, what will we be doing?

What’s this challenge about? It’s a test of our faith in God. Just take that leap of faith. Write down the 7 requests you desire from God. Do not be afraid of how big your requests may be. They can’t be greater than God.

Sincerely, I’m assuring you that there will be testimonies after you must have done this. Don’t worry about how it will go, just ask!

So, that’s what I will be doing today to mark my one-year blog anniversary. It will indeed be proof that there’s a God who lives and answers our prayers.

The journey continues, and I’m grateful to God for hitherto He has helped me. To you reading this, you are wonderful and amazing. Thank you so much for always registering your presence. You are special to me and appreciated.

I’m grateful to God I met some persons who really helped me out with my blog. 🀭Hmm, the full gist as promised earlier is still on fire. No worries, sooner or later I will be sharing it.


β€œIt’s better to fail while striving for something wonderful, challenging, adventurous, and uncertain than to say, β€˜I don’t want to try because I may not succeed completely”

This is a success already by God’s grace. The journey continues. It’s the unhampered steps to the limitless expression of the realities of God.

Thanks so much! You are loved 😍

Remember the challenge. It's real, just ask

67 thoughts on “My one year blog anniversary

Add yours

  1. Congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ₯³πŸ₯³

    Blogging takes a lot and only those who are true livers of writing ✍ stick to it.

    Well done. More successful years ahead. ✌🏾✌🏾


  2. Congratssss! Definitely taking the challenge.

    Thanks for constantly showing up and being an inspiration!

    You’re blessed!


  3. Happy anniversary!!! and as a congratulations and your heartfelt support, I’m now following you to make 300 followers. (thought i was)
    YAY!!!! Stay writing and checking in! πŸ’–


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