A new Nigeria

All these words so far
It’s a new Nigeria we desire.
Though the tides seem not to be calm
And the pace seems so slow
We will never settle for less
For we know that which we seek.

We haven’t forgotten the battle before us
Our retreat, not to surrender!
We gather much strength still,
For the birthing of the realities of a new Nigeria.
We hold on to our communication “Dear Father”
For therein lies our confidence
He will surely perform

The echoes of our words resound
Even as we express our hearts.
The long time adaptation is gone.
For our skins have grown thus far.
We have endured so long.
In all, we will never forget the sacrifices of them
Who had paid the price with their blood
Their labor will never be in vain.

We know our Redeemer lives and surely He will fight back on our behalf.

Psalms 122:6

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬) : they shall prosper that love thee.

It doesn’t matter how short the words may be. God still listens! Just pray! The pains caused so far are beyond letters!

Dear Father, we believe and know that power belongs to you. Not just power but all Powers, and we know according to your word that :Except You Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except You Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes but in vain. Please Father, intervene. Amen πŸ™‡πŸΎ

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