The dialogue – Words

Here’s a short video I made for you. Don’t worry, you will love it!

Scripture reference:1st Samuel 2:3
Song by Lauren Daigle-You Say

I hope you have gotten at least one or two messages from the video recently played.

I’m trusting that starting from now you will be careful of the words you choose to take in. Be it books, movies, songs, news, counsels or whatever. They all contribute to the way we live and think.

At all times, don’t forget to feed on God’s word through the Bible at your fingertips. No worries, you can start from a verse. In the long run you will be glad you did.

Thanks for checking out on the blog. You are loved!

25 thoughts on “The dialogue – Words

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  1. Nice video, this is the type of message humanity needs right now, we’ll have been influenced by what we’ve heard positively and negativity, thanks for making this video, May God continue to give you inspirations and wisdom so that you can contribute a huge impact in our collapsing generation


  2. This is apt and instructive. We are what we feed our minds on in the long run. Our words and actions are reflections of what we expose ourselves to. The believer should let God’s word be his mainstay.

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